The Hunted and other twisted tales



“The Hunted and other twisted tales” is written by Paul J Kearns

The book consists of seven short stories featuring werewolves. vampires and other paranormal creatures.

Horror is one of my favourite genres, especially when it’s good horror. I enjoyed reading this. Anyone who knows me will know how much I love my gore. So this won me over from the blender moment which involves certain body parts being put in a blender, then the owner or more specifically, the previous owner of those body parts is forced to drink them.

Another story I really enjoyed in this collection was a vampire story called The Hunted. This has the potential to extend to a full novel or at least a novella, with a little more back story and a few more characters thrown in and storylines expanded on.

I was also impressed with the fact that this is the authors first published work. The last book I wrote about on my blog was The Loney. Considering that The Hunted is self-published and doesn’t have the money spent on it that The Loney would have, I preferred The Hunted. I think, with a bit more editing it has a lot of potential.

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