Reading in Bed episode 5


Episode 5 of Reading in Bed is now here.

This month we reviewed poetry and fiction.

We discussed mixing fairy-tales with zombies, and I talked about a book I hated and why. As (possibly) the last two people on the planet who hadn’t read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, Andy and I both read and reviewed the book. You’ll have to listen to hear our thoughts on the book though, or to find out about the reply I had on Twitter from the author.

See the list of books and the podcast below.

Remember, if you are a writer we may be interested in reviewing your book. We just ask for a free copy, either in print or as a PDF. We can’t promise to feature all books received on the podcast. If for whatever reason we can’t fit yours in, we will write a review on Amazon (or another platform if you prefer).

Contact me through my website.


This month’s books

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time – Mark Haddon


Guilt Game – L.J Sellers

Plague: The Tale of Sleeping Beauty – Mark Mackey

Sending a Drunk Text Whilst Sober – Simon Widdop




A new podcast and free or discounted books


First of all I’ve started a new podcast with my partner. We review and discuss books which we’ve read. This month we read Nightmare Realities by Amanda J Evans, Queen and Country by Greg Rucka and Things We Never Said by Nick Alexander.

To find out what we thought of them, check out the podcast.

My other piece of news is that I’m planning to unpublish my novels and novellas (or at least start the process) at the end of this month (January 2018).

That means these books may never see the light of day again, or they may get taken on by a publisher.

I’m running various offers before then. The Kindle versions of some of my books will be free or reduced.

I’ll be posting these offers on my Facebook and Twitter, so like/follow me to find out more.

Kindle Scout update



I Posted on my blog at the start of my Kindle Scout campaign. That post can be found HERE. Unfortunately, Kindle Scout didn’t choose my book as one of the lucky few to publish. So for anyone who is considering trying Kindle Scout in the hope of publishing their book, I’ll tell you what I tried as part of my campaign. Although they don’t seem to select books just on votes alone, I’m guessing it plays a part in their decision. So you’ll probably need to do more than I did to stand a chance.

I started off well by tagging everyone I thought might vote for me in a Facebook post, as well as posting to Twitter and my Facebook author page. This got me in the hot and trending category for five hours.

The few days following that I was short on ideas, other than reposting on social. I didn’t want to sound like I thought I was the next JK Rowling by contacting newspapers and the media in general and saying the should interview me/write about me etc.

I did contact a local newspaper hoping they could help, but they ignored me. After that I asked two people I know from local radio stations and they were kind enough to give my book a plug three times between the two of them. One of them even read out an extract of the book. I read out an extract myself at two different spoken word events in an attempt to get votes.

I was also interviewed by a podcaster and had a handful of people who shared my requests for votes.

So the bottom line is, you probably need a large following and/or lots of contacts who can publicise your Kindle Scout campaign for you, or maybe just a more supportive local newspaper.

Despite Kindle Scout not picking my book, I will be self publishing it and the release date is 15th May. Follow the links below if you want to pre-order it.

Alternatively, I will be running a competition to win PDF copies and possibly even a paperback copy. More details on that to follow at a later date.

US link

UK link

Kindle scout campaign – day 3 update


I’m now into day three of my Kindle Scout campaign and already beginning to wonder why I ever though this would be a good idea. I had ideas for who to ask for votes. Unfortunately, I used up the majority of those ideas on day one. The excitement of been “hot and trending” for an entire five hours has now gone. My book slipped back down into obscurity.

So, what now? I could contact a local radio station and try not to sound too big-headed as I ask them if they would like to interview me. If I do that, I should probably do it soon, as there’s only 27 days of my campaign left. I could have contacted them earlier but there was no way of knowing if my book would be approved. For anyone considering Kindle Scout, you should know that they give you two days notice before your campaign goes live, if it is approved.

I have more things to try on social media and I will writing my progress of lack of it on here.

For anyone who might want to vote for me, I’ll tell you a little about the book and my inspiration for it.

I’ve written and self-published before, but like many writers I want to be able to say I’ve been published. I was trying to have a lie in one Sunday morning, back in October 2016 and the idea came to me for my book, First Charge, the first is a three part series of YA books.. It was obvious I wasn’t going to get any sleep and I had to start writing down the ideas as they came into my head. I had other projects I was working on and told myself I would start it in the new years. I started it in November instead, it just kept nagging me to write it.

Meredith (the main character) is descended from Mermaids, although she’s not a mermaid (or at least not at the start of the story) and Theo is descended from shape shifters. The two of them and others who are also descendants of mythical creatures are either destined to be part of the Destiny Initiative or The Destroyers. The prologue explains a little about what each side does. The short version is one side protects people with important destinies. The other side tries to stop them.

I enjoyed writing the book and exploring both sides, because each side had some valid points. Though as Meredith hints towards further in the book, if you’re saving the world, what kind of world do you want it to be? I definitely lean more towards her viewpoint that there has to be something worth saving.

Here’s the link if you want to read more and maybe vote while you’re there.