A small victory for Manchester’s homeless

Manchester council took some of the homeless people to court over the homeless camps they were residing in. The councils aim was to have them sent to jail. Their crime was having nowhere to live and wanting to create an environment as safe as possible to sleep in, within their limited circumstances. However the judge chastised Manchester council for their lack of evidence and information on the defendants and ordered them to pay the full legal costs of the defendants. CLICK TO READ FULL ARTICLE

More bad news for Manchester’s homeless

Eviction and dismantling of The Ark

On Friday 18th September the homeless shelter known as The Ark which was put together by the homeless and supporting members of the public was dismantled by bailiffs and police. They were acting on behalf of Manchester University who own the land on which The Ark was situated. The pleas of over 3,000 people who signed the petition to keep The Ark were ignored. CLICK TO CONTINUE READING