A party poetic broadcast from The Conservatives

Let’s brainwash the nation into voting

For us again by saying words

Like strong economy or strong and stable

Over and over again like a mantra


Let’s never answer a question

Like why are working families

Struggling to eat and feed themselves

Just say the words again


Let’s hope the biased media

Does all the hard work for us

It doesn’t matter what we’ve done

The leader of the opposition doesn’t wear a suit


Let’s criticize the man who wants

Everyone to be paid fairly

And tax avoidance to end

And stands up for the many, not the few


Let’s tear to pieces anyone who

Stands up for others and convince

Everyone that we are the best because

We can make it all strong and stable


Open your eyes (poem)

Inspired by the news of the snap election.

Open your eyes

Open your eyes and see for yourself

You’ve been misled and fed

A pack of lies, manipulated by the press

Because they want things to stay

Exactly how they are right now

Open your eyes and see

It’s not the unemployed

It’s not the homeless man or

The woman on minimum wage

Draining the system dry

Open your eyes and realise

It’s the government with

Ridiculous expenses and pay rises

While everyone else struggles

To make ends meet and survive

Open your eyes and see

Big organisations and tax breaks

Or using loopholes to pay less than

The average minimum wage worker

They’re the ones who drain the system

Open your eyes and see

There’s nothing wrong with suggesting

Investing in jobs and people

In order to see economic growth

Further down the line

Open your eyes and understand

Selling off everything piece by piece

Until there’s nothing left

Can only make things worse

And it can’t go on this way

Open your eyes

Don’t rely on the Tory loving media

Research for yourself, find out the facts

And for the sake of the country

I beg you, don’t vote Conservative

Misha Collins makes plea not to vote Trump

Misha Collins may be best known to many as the actor who plays Castiel in the long running TV series, Supernatural. Many fans will be aware that he interned at the White House during the Clinton Administration. He’s also done a lot for charity including his yearly scavenger hunt, which raises money for good causes and Random Acts, which promotes good deeds. Meanwhile Donald Trump is openly racist, wants to rid America of foreigners and seems to randomly come up with insane ideas on the spot, such as boycotting Apple,, then tweeting about it on his iPhone. Trump does provide a source of amusement, to a certain degree. This seems to be Musha’s initial reason for touring a Trump rally, armed with his video camera.


We need humanity and compassion in politics


After writing THIS ARTICLE I began thinking more about how most MPs are really out of touch and there’s only a few who actually seem to have any compassion or humanity, which I believe are the most important qualities, considering the job they have to do.

I was just reading David Cameron’s response to Jeremy Corbyn asking a question of behalf of a member of the public. Corbyn asked if this man would able to pay the same rate of tax as Google, to which Cameron arrogantly announced that this man’s taxes (and people like him) would be going down, while Googles goes up. Cameron clearly has no understanding of how unfair it seems to people who are struggling and paying much higher taxes than big organisations like Google. He was completely missing the point that Google is still paying a lower percentage of tax than the general public.

If MPs such as David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith, George Osborne and Jeremy Hunt (and so many more) had compassion and humanity, this might help them to understand why it is wrong to take money away from disabled people, those in work but not earning enough to make ends meet and penalise people for not having a home, when there are big businesses paying little or no tax, when MPs’ are claiming ridiculous amounts in expenses for things that normal working people have to pay for themselves and when young people are made to work for a pittance or get into tremendous debt to go to university (and then work for a pittance). I’m sure I’ve missed out a million other ways poor people are made to suffer in order for people at the top to get richer, but you get the idea. If MPs are going to be responsible for making big decisions which affect people, then they need to understand the  suffering these decisions will cause for those people. This isn’t like a game of Sims. These are real people, with real problems, which are been made worse by MPs who ultimately decide their fate.

So if you apply for a job, there’s usually a job description and a list of skills and qualities which are needed. For anyone wanting to become an MP, surely the required qualities should be compassion and humanity. Although in reality, it seems like most MPs have had these qualities surgically removed, if they ever had them in the first place. Just assuming that these were the requirements to becoming an MP, how would they be enforced? Most MPs lie of course, but some just seem to be so delusional that they fail to realise what they are doing is devoid of all compassion and humanity. There could be tests to weed out these would be MPs. For example, a question such as ‘you’re walking home and see a woman fall out of her wheelchair and into the road. There’s a car coming in the distance, what do you do?’ Some of the answers which would be a red light that the person has no humanity or compassion might be:

Walk? Why would I walk, I would be driven home in a limo at the expense of the taxpayer of course.

Obviously I would do nothing, it’s that woman’s lifestyle choice, not only to be in a wheelchair, but also to fall out of it.

I wouldn’t do a damn thing, she deserves all she gets, the bloody benefit scrounger.


Sarcasm aside, it shouldn’t be the rare exception when someone like Corbyn comes along. The man genuinely cares about fairness and equality and is constantly bullied by the media and called a threat by Cameron. (As mentioned in my ARTICLE HERE) Corbyn may be a threat, but not the kind that Cameron is warning us all about.


Are we being brainwashed by David Cameron? (opinion)

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and repeated some kind of mantra to yourself? Usually it’s something along the lines of ‘I am beautiful’ or ‘I can do this’ for example, before a date or job interview or just to make yourself feel confident. What does any of this have to do with David Cameron trying to brainwash us? The idea behind constantly repeating something to ourselves in that it’s meant to sink in and we’ll then believe it. This is exactly what David Cameron is trying to do to the people of Britain. He’s hoping that if he repeats the words “Jeremy Corbyn is a security risk” often enough, then we will all start to believe it. CLICK TO READ FULL ARTICLE

Labour trying to control votes – Are they just making problems for themselves?

Earlier this week people took to Twitter to voice their displeasure at having their vote for Labour leader snatched away from them. At last count there were approximately 1000 Labour supporters who had paid their membership and been told they were not what the party wanted. Despite this Andy Burnham is amongst those who thinks Labour is not doing enough to root out the supposed infiltrators. click to continue reading