Drama Llama (poem)


The sign said, stop feeding the drama llama

It’s going to explode

But the people arrived in droves

And offered snacks, main courses

Puddings on giant shovels

Drama Llama ate and ate

But hung around for more

Practically pleading for another bite

Or an ‘are you okay hun?’

But it was never enough

To satisfy the hunger

And the people never learnt

Hungry, hungry it demanded

Posting up images

Fishing for compliments

And they fed it and they fed it with

‘Don’t ever put yourself down.’

‘You’re beautiful.’

‘Such a lovely person.’

And it ate and it ate

All of them up

Demanded and demanded

Until finally it burst

In the faces

Of those who fed it before

So next time

Please obey the sign

Stop feeding the drama llama

Because really

It is going to explode


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