Your first Christmas in heaven (poem)

pic poem

If there’s a heaven

Tailor made to each of us

You’ll be in yours

Winding all the angels up

With just one more Christmas decoration

A light up Santa, or an inflatable snowman

Until your house up there

Begins to look like Lapland


In your own personal heaven

You’ll never leave the house without a spoon

In case you find discounted ice cream

And because it’s heaven

You’ll always find it

Or boxes of Maltesers

And sharing bags of crisps

That you don’t have to share


You’ll be decorating the clouds

With those outdoor lights

You used to put on the tree in the garden

And the angels will all roll their eyes

But you’ll smile proudly

Because nothing says Christmas

Like a million multi coloured lights

And angels covered in tinsel


If you choose to look down at us

You’ll probably think we’re doing it all wrong

The turkey’s smaller, the potatoes lumpier

The sprouts might not have those little crosses

You always insisted helped them to cook

And it won’t compare to yours

But we’ll be thinking about you

I hope the angels enjoy your cooking now

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