Betrayed (poem)

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Lila wept and pleaded with Jay

To call his men off

But he refused and said

Aliens would take over earth

He wouldn’t listen to reason

Lila said they were peaceful travellers

Her parents fled the house

They stopped when they spotted Lila

At the same time a memory appeared

That hadn’t been there before

This is how her parents died

Otherwise they might have escaped

They were easier to shoot

Standing on one spot calling her name

She called out in response

Urging them to run, but of course

They would never leave her

So she watched them get gunned down

Then Jay held onto Lila

Not the way he had

The first time they kissed

Or when he’d held her lovingly

This was harsh and cruel

And his eyes filled with anger

I’m still me, Lila claimed

Alien scum, he snapped

You lied to me and infiltrated

Our mission, he accused

I actually felt something for an alien

Now I feel violated and dirty


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