Overkill (poem)


This is the sixth poem in my series. The usual links to catch up are below







Police were called and Lila was taken

To a police station and asked questions

What had she been doing?

Could they call anyone?

She took out the card from Jay

And handed it to the policeman

Jay arrived looking worried

Said it was lucky he was in Leeds for work

And asked why she was there

He said he was looking for aliens

Two had been tracked to Leeds

Then waited for Lila to call him crazy

Lila said her parents lived there

Jay offered to drive her

Lila was torn between

Refusing and finding her own way

Or leading Jay to her parents

But his friends could already be there

In the end, Lila had to choose

To give her parents last known location

And hope he wouldn’t figure out

She was the daughter of the aliens

And an alien herself

She hoped she wasn’t too late

The scene when they arrived

Was what Lila had feared most

Armed men with big guns and tanks

Surrounding the house

And suspicion arose in Jay

Demanding to know if she knew aliens


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