Taken for a ride (poem)


I’m up to the fifth in this poetry series now.

See the links below to catch up on the other four poems.






She sat watching them as they left

Wondering what she must have done

To offend the earth women so much

But nothing came to mind

She stood up and waved goodbye

To the cows and sheep as she passed

The country lane led to a busy road

She watched the metal boxes

Speeding past, with people sat inside

And wondered how she was meant to

Walk without getting hit by a moving box

Then a box stopped inside the thick white line

What are you doing? The man inside

Demanded through an open window

Trying to get to Leeds, she replied

He invited her into the box

Offering to take her there

Because motorways aren’t for walking

One of the green signs

Said Leeds, with an arrow

Pointing in the opposite direction

You’re going the wrong way, she said

He pulled over the car and reached over

Lila sensed the danger behind his eyes

As she tried to open the door

And get away, the man grabbed

At her arm, at her t shirt, at her hair

She had no choice but to use her power

Then climbed out of the drivers door

And dodged traffic on the motorway


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