Animals (poem)

White Cow Beef Milk Cow Animal BlackThis is the fourth in my series. See the links below to catch up.





She didn’t listen to warnings, too busy

Experiencing new feelings and sensations

Like the way her stomach lurched

In anticipation of seeing Jay

Or how she found it impossible

To take her eyes off him when he spoke

A week passed quickly

Jay had to return to the army

Lila had three days to get to Leeds

Her parents last known location

The farmer didn’t understand

But packed a lunch and wished her luck

With no money, Lila walked

Fifty miles, along country lanes

She didn’t mind and made new friends

They didn’t speak words

Some mooed, while others went baa

And her favourite said quack

She drew attention from people

By chatting away to the farm animals

Small screens were pointed at her

And people muttered strange words

Like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

Instagram was mentioned a lot

Do you know how far to Leeds?

She asked a crowd carrying the small screens

Moo, one said and laughed

Ask the cow you were talking to

Her friend laughed too

A third woman pushed Lila over

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