Hunted (poem)

soldiers.gifThis is the third is my series now. Click on the clicks below to read from the beginning.




She turned and ran knowing

It wouldn’t delay them for long

She heard the screeches of sirens

The chop chop of the helicopters

The panicked sounds over radios

As she hid inside a barn

The cows she bunked with

Proved to be more compassionate

Than the animals trying to gun her down

Morning delivered raids and searches

On every building within a ten mile radius

And she was discovered by a farmer

The old man took pity on Lila

Mistaking her youthful appearance

For a young female human, when in fact

She was 85 years old

But her people aged slower

Her innocence was of someone much younger

The farmer was ware she was the one

All the fuss was about

The news claimed she was a wanted fugitive

He didn’t believe that.

When soldiers arrived, he introduced her

As his granddaughter, visiting him

Jay, The dark haired solider was taken

By Lila’s beauty and long flowing blonde locks

A week later he came by the farm

While on leave, instead of going home

The farmer tried to warn Lila

About how a man can break a woman’s heart



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