Welcome to Earth (poem)

The second in my series of poems.

CLICK HERE FIRST to read “Destination Earth”



Shots were fired, serving as a reminder

Lila hadn’t paid for the optional extras

Of a shield or cloaking system

She would never go into battle

Or attack other planets

So why would she need one?

The attackers didn’t seem to care

The shots continued until

The falling began, then crash

And the shots still continued

Voices called out to each other

Make sure all the alien scum are dead

Alien scum, those words

Still played in Lila’s head

As she was confronted

By men in khaki uniforms

And big guns, which they held

With pride and fury etched on their faces

She closed her eyes and dug

Deep inside her mind

For dormant powers

Not used in centuries by her kind

But the situation called for it

And meant she wouldn’t have to kill them

Each man fell one by one

Clutching their heads

With waking nightmares re-enacting

Inside their minds, each one

Unwittingly chose their own

That’s how Lila’s power worked


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