I woke up in a box – Part 7

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When day four came around again I was enraged. I couldn’t take the replays anymore, I had to get out of the box one way or another. If that meant ending up in another box, it was a risk I was willing to take. At least then I would be able to rest in peace.

I punched at the inside of the box. The pain was intense, but the wood held strong. I punch again, and again. My knuckles began to bleed, but I punched some more. It became obvious that wasn’t going to do it. So I began to kick too. The box felt like it moved and even wobbled a little. It occurred to me that the box I was in could be resting on something. I hurled my own body to one side, then again until I lost count and I was falling. The box shattered and I was lying on the ground surrounded by the pieces.

I knew I should get up and try to escape, but the act of breaking the box had left me drained. I fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.


Day four, I can’t take this anymore

I punch and claw and throw myself

Against the inside of this wooden box

Somehow managing to break free

Then I fall asleep with exhaustion


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