I woke up in a box – part 6

If you need to catch up on parts 1-5 first, please click on the links.







Day four started over again on what should have been another day. I figured it didn’t matter anymore. Same box, same day. I shouldn’t have been bothered. I knew what would happen and I knew the dismembered arm would stop smothering me, so I wouldn’t die. Knowing seemed to make it worse though. It was the waiting, and the seconds seemed to drag by.

By the time I was been suffocated, time seemed to slow down even more. It lasted twice as long as before. When the arm disappeared, I was left alone in the coffin, almost devoid of air. My lungs felt like they were pounding inside of me, demanding that I find oxygen to feed them. I would have liked to fulfil their request. I was still suffocating even though the arm was gone again. I couldn’t move my limbs to do anything differently, but I discovered I could move my mouth and scream. That’s what I did, until I couldn’t scream anymore, then I felt like I was spinning into unconsciousness.



Day four is replayed over again

The suffocation as I use up

What little air I have

My lungs scream out for more

Then I pass out

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