I woke up in a box- part 5

Link to parts 1-4 are below in case you haven’t read them.







When I woke up on the fifth day I realised it’s was still day four, but I was reliving it. The holes in the box were still gone. Realistically, I wouldn’t have enough air to make it to day five, hence my reasoning behind a more horrifying version of Groundhog Day.

As I suspected, the events of day four were repeated, right down me allowing the dismembered arm to suffocate me. I tried to make something different happen, anything, however small. It was a lost cause however. I was inside my own body, but I felt more like a spectator, unable to control my own actions.


Day four, not again

Same box, same day

I just know it, I should be dead

There’s isn’t enough air

To make it to day five

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