I woke up in a box – Part 2

If you haven’t read part one you should read that first.


I woke up on what I assumed was the second day, because I felt rested as though I had a full night’s sleep. The ground beneath me was hard again. I felt around, but the cushions were gone. That baffled me. I pushed against the top again, but it was still tightly shut. Someone must have opened it up while I was asleep, removed the cushions from underneath me and resealed the box. I hadn’t woken up. This left me with an uneasy feeling that they could have done anything to me and I still wouldn’t have woken. I came to the conclusion that my captor had drugged me somehow. Maybe it was a toxic gas. That would explain the reason for having holes in the box. My heart sped up a little and panic seemed to be fighting a battle within me, against my usual logic. I fought it and closed my eyes, telling myself if I just pretended to be asleep my captor would open the box again. I would then fight him (or her), and have the best chance of winning after conserving my energy so well.

When I opened my eyes again I saw a man looking down at me. His face was partially covered by the rim of his black hat. I sprang up and grabbed him, but as my hand clasped around his arm, it came away in my hand. He growled at me, then pushed me back down with his one remaining hand. He slammed the box shut. The sounds of at least four locks quickly followed. I screamed out after realising I was still holding onto his dismembered arm. It broke free from my grip and it seemed to be holding something soft, which it tried to smother me with before It disappeared. I felt around the box, not wanting it to be in there with me, but needing to know if I had imagined the whole thing. I couldn’t find it and assumed it must have been a nightmare, perhaps induced by the toxic gas?

Day two, I wake up in a box

But the cushions are gone

But I go back to sleep

That’s when the nightmares begin

Of demons smothering me with cushions

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