Open your eyes (poem)

Inspired by the news of the snap election.

Open your eyes

Open your eyes and see for yourself

You’ve been misled and fed

A pack of lies, manipulated by the press

Because they want things to stay

Exactly how they are right now

Open your eyes and see

It’s not the unemployed

It’s not the homeless man or

The woman on minimum wage

Draining the system dry

Open your eyes and realise

It’s the government with

Ridiculous expenses and pay rises

While everyone else struggles

To make ends meet and survive

Open your eyes and see

Big organisations and tax breaks

Or using loopholes to pay less than

The average minimum wage worker

They’re the ones who drain the system

Open your eyes and see

There’s nothing wrong with suggesting

Investing in jobs and people

In order to see economic growth

Further down the line

Open your eyes and understand

Selling off everything piece by piece

Until there’s nothing left

Can only make things worse

And it can’t go on this way

Open your eyes

Don’t rely on the Tory loving media

Research for yourself, find out the facts

And for the sake of the country

I beg you, don’t vote Conservative

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