Free e-book, a discounted e-book and a competition



I could have written an individual blog post for each of my upcoming promotions but it made more sense to include them all in the same blog post.

Firstly, After the zombies will be free between 14th and 18th April

See the links below and if you live outside of the UK or US, just go to your local Amazon page and search for After the zombies by Amanda Steel

UK link:

US link:

Hopefully you will enjoy this novella so much that you’ll want more. So you’ll want to read the follow up full length novel, Not Human. Between 5th-12th May (US) and 6th-12th May (UK) the book will be discounted. See the links below and bookmark them so you don’t forget.



Finally, if zombies and/or horror aren’t your thing, I’ve branched out in YA fiction. My first book is a three part series is called First Charge. It is due for release on 15th May on e-book with the paperback version coming out later this year. I’m giving you a chance of winning a paperback copy as soon as it’s available in that format or one of five runner up prizes of a PDF copy.

All you need to do is go to either my Twitter or Facebook author page and go to the pinned post at the top and retweet or share it.



If you want to know more about the books mentioned above, here are the blurbs.

After the zombies

A short novel: Following a two year long zombie outbreak in Manchester, the handful of survivors attempt to get with on their lives, but can they forget all the horrible things they have been through and everything they had to do to survive and are the zombies really gone?

Not Human

The sequel to After the zombies. Although it can be read as a stand-alone book.

What can you do when zombies are everywhere? Aiming for the head is the easy part. The real challenges are distinguishing zombies from humans and knowing which humans to trust.

Not learning their lesson from the Manchester outbreak, the government are still intent on creating a more compliant race. It looks like they will keep trying until they get it right, or until humanity is completely wiped out, whichever happens first.

Grace knows she carries the cure. She knows she can’t become one of them, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be affected if she is bitten. Some things are worse than death. Sometimes having to face yourself, is worse than facing the monsters and other times, it’s hard to tell the difference.

First Charge

Meredith and Theo both have their lives mapped out for them as a protector and guardian. They were born to protect people with an important destiny. However, not everything they’ve been told is true and they face difficult choices and obstacles as they struggle with their responsibilities, while trying to do the right thing. They discover that sometimes there is no good side to be on.




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