Ten years of editing (poem)

edting pic

Ten years of correcting the mistakes

Carefully filling in the plot holes

And making sure no words were overused

Of listening to her own work

Read and reread by a robot voice

To spot the typos and misplaced commas

Then copying and pasting back and forth

Into the editing software and deciding

What to change and what to keep the same

Ten years of speaking to readers

Finding out what they like

What makes them throw the book across the room

Building up potential readers

And setting the book for pre-order

Then printing out page by page

To check for any rogue mistakes

Because the eyes spot errors on paper

That they don’t seem to notice on screen

Ten years of hard work

Before she finally submitted

Feeling proud and sure of her book

But the reviews and comments came

Could do with some editing, should have been proofread

Didn’t you even run it through spellcheck?

Should be American spellings

Even though it’s clearly set in England

And there isn’t a single American character

Ten years of tracking them all down

Edit this she said as she carved each word

Into their flesh, so they would never forget

She slammed their heads through their computer screens

How do you like my UK spellings now?

She stood back and admired her work

Sure that it was good this time

She suddenly felt inspired to write crime fiction

About a writer who gets her revenge

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