What you became – poem

Here’s a poem I wrote a few months ago, but just recently changed and added a little bit to.


What you became

You became a poem

made up of words that needed to get out

And random thoughts

I just couldn’t escape


But I broke free

And the words mean nothing now

The thoughts faded away

Then you became a poem


You became a memory

Like a ghost, you faded away

I can’t imagine your face anymore

Would I know you if I saw you again?


You stopped been my first and last thought

Day and night and in between

You disappeared and I let you go

Just like I thought I would


You became someone who never was

But you will never understand

How you got me through the bad days

And now you will never know


You were the cause of smiles, then sadness

Washing over me like a tsunami

Until you became a disaster

One that I could do without


You were my inspiration

As I gathered together a collection

Of crazy ramblings and mixed up thoughts

All sparked off by you


You became what could have been

But never was, I stopped caring

Whether you realised what you let go

And ran so far away from you

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