Halloween reads- zombies and witches


If you’re looking for something to read in time for Halloween and zombies are your thing, “Not Human” is now available in eBook and paperback. If witches are more your thing, “The Last Witches” the final book is the Hope and Magic trilogy is available to pre-order in eBook format. The release date is 30th October, so just in time for Halloween.

The Last Witches

Hope has almost completed her destiny, with just a few witches left in the world. She must strip the remaining witches of their power, but her emotions begin to get in the way. Her resentment over Ritchie’s death, results in her putting not only her own world, but a parallel world at risk.

Meanwhile, Carl struggles to redeem himself for killing Hope’s parents while under the influence of a witch’s cursed bracelet. He thinks he doesn’t deserve to be forgiven and is almost ready to let the world end, if it means he can die with it.

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Not Human

The sequel to After the zombies. Although it can be read as a standalone book.

What can you do when zombies are everywhere? Aiming for the head is the easy part. The real challenges are distinguishing zombies from humans and knowing which humans to trust.

Not learning their lesson from the Manchester outbreak, the government are still intent on creating a more compliant race. It looks like they will keep trying until they get it right, or until humanity is completely wiped out, whichever happens first.

Grace knows she carries the cure. She knows she can’t become one of them, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be affected if she is bitten. Some things are worse than death. Sometimes having to face yourself, is worse than facing the monsters and other times, it’s hard to tell the difference.

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