Reading Recommendations – Podcast

Here is a link to my first monthly podcast, looking at books and authors who you may never have heard of, but are deserving of a read.



Here are the links the books mentioned in my podcast and social media profiles

K.A Lentz

The Reaper Realm by K.A Lentz

Facebook page




Zoltán Pósfai

The Witchhunter: Red Shadow


Amazon author page


Jessica Majzner

Beyond the Veil







2 thoughts on “Reading Recommendations – Podcast

  1. Dave Edmonds says:

    The genre of my novel doesn’t appear to match up very neatly with the books you write. Would you be open to reviewing my literary detective/mystery? (When ready: it’s in the final edits at the moment.)


    • Amanda Steel says:

      Of course. I’ve liked your Facebook page, so feel free to send me a message through there when your book is ready. The only thing is; I have enough for the November podcast and I doubt I will have time for the podcast and all the reading in December. So it will be January if it makes it onto the podcast. I leave reviews for all the books I get, but only select three to recommend on the podcast each month.


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