Clueless about make up

Sprucing up your sugar skull makeup with Andre Pienaar C5


I know I originally set up this blog about my writing, this post is about make up, but its me writing about make up, so i think it’s okay!

As a woman aged thirty and a high undisclosed number of months, I should have learnt everything there is to know about make up and various beauty techniques, right?

Wrong, at least in my case. I’m reminded of my school days (when I bothered to show up) and turning up to classes wearing two different foundations (don’t ask why, I honestly can’t remember the reasoning behind that one) and blue eye shadow. No wonder I didn’t have many friends!

I got slightly better with make up as I grew up, but I’m still not what certain magazines expect a woman to be. The extent of my knowledge is knowing which shade of foundation to use for my pale skin and knowing with eye shadow and blusher look best and slightly more natural. I mean, I just want to look healthy, rather than like a vampire who hasn’t drunk blood in months, which is the look I seem to pull of without make up.

I don’t understand why some people feel like they have to wear so much make up, or brighter colours making it obvious they’re wearing it.

If a little make up doesn’t make me look any better, then making myself look like a clown college auditionee isn’t going to make a positive change. Short of cosmetic surgery, I’m afraid I’m just beyond physical improvement.

I can’t understand how people can become famous and in some case very rich, by vlogging about make up and beauty products. Other than the small amount of make up I use, I cleanse and moisturise, yes I missed out toning on purpose. I will sometimes buy a two in one cleanser and toner, but really, what does a toner even do? I know the obvious answer is tone, but what does that mean? Sorry, but it appears that I’m clueless. I couldn’t fill a short YouTube video with my extremely limited knowledge, let alone make a living from beauty vlogging.

Despite all of this, I’m often told that I look younger than my age. As my skin doesn’t seem to be suffering dramatically as a result of my lack of obsession in beauty products, I think I will be okay. I may not be idolised by the male population, but I would like to think I’m not going to be mistaken as an extra from The Walking Dead either. So what if I don’t know or care what an Urban Decay Palette is? I have better things to think about.

One thought on “Clueless about make up

  1. Jammeh says:

    I wonder if you’ve seen videos of wayne goss or lisa eldridge. These are professional makeup artists. They’re not youtubers, or vloggers and they all advocate clean and natural makeup. They’re even as baffled as you how the trend of putting so much layers of makeup came about.
    But of course, everyones entitled to their own artistry. I do like a more natural look, though.

    Interesting post.


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