Writing progress

Things are getting exciting with my writing now. I decided to self publish my novel my on Amazon. It’s out on 5th October and available to pre order here: While I was gone

While I was working on the final editing, I heard back from a publishing company where I had sent the first four chapters of my novella ‘Captivated’ . They told me they were intrigued and wanted to see the rest. So I have a chance of getting published traditionally as well. I did consider putting off the self publishing of ‘While I was gone’. After I had looked into things a little more, I realised that even if ‘Captivated’ is accepted for publication it could be a while before it’s published. So I’m still going ahead. The best case scenario is that I’ll get to try both self publishing and traditional publishing and see which one I prefer for my writing in the future. Also the two stories are completely different to each other, so they would never be competing against each other for readers anyway.


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