The problem with publishing an ebook

After eighteen months of hard work on ‘While I was gone’ my characters waking me up  at three in the morning (yes I know they’re not real!) and so much editing that I thought my fingers would fall off, I self published it as  an eBook on Amazon. Now I’m happy that I’m going to have my novel out there. but I didn’t have anything to show for. Maybe this makes me a very sad individual, but I purchased a folder and a load of see through folder pockets and I printed off the entire novel, then spent ages threading those pockets into the folder and inserting the pages of my novel. So now I have one printed out copy, just for myself and it’s quite heavy. I like just picking it up and thinking this is all my hard work. I’d definitely recommend any writers publishing an eBook do this, just to have something they can see and pick up to remind them of all the work they have done and to encourage them to keep going.



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